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Ann Miller founded Ann Miller Etiquette in 1984. She has received a Bachelor of Arts in business administration and worked in corporate America for several years before earning her Master of Arts degree in education, which led to many years experience as an educator. Her credentials also include the Ben Shaw School of Modeling. Although she enjoyed success as a public school teacher her dream was to open a school that would teach young people the skills necessary to conduct themselves properly and with ease in a variety of business and social environments. "Once I taught a group of students whose teacher had left them in mid-year. Not only were they heartbroken over his leaving, but they exhibited low self-esteem. I encouraged them to believe in themselves, and they did. But, they also taught me something. They taught me to believe in my dream of starting this etiquette school."

Ann Miller Etiquette is far more than just a charm school; it is a learning experience that equips students in areas of communication, ethics, social graces, grooming, posture, confidence, respect for others and self-esteem. In other words, it deals with the whole person. The importance of achieving equal balance between the outer and inner person, balance between the decision-making mind, the physical fitness of the body and the moral right to help a person in need is stressed. 

"l am built on the foundational premise that if boys and girls are taught early on how to interact with others, the chances are greatly increased that they will be better equipped to reach their full potential in life. They will become responsible, positive, productive citizens."

Please click here for an outline of the course she has designed to help her students achieve these goals.