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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is etiquette?
Social skills that can change your      destiny.

Why etiquette now?
The world will be your oyster if you      learn perfect manners and perform      them in a relaxed way.

Is it true that social awareness is just      as important as my grade point      average in getting a job?
Absolutely! A 4.0 gpa is not a      substitute for social skills.

How are my table manners?
Table manners can always use      upgrading.

Schools taught at by Ann Miller

T.H. Rogers, Prairie View A&M, Saint Catherine's Montessori, Pleasantville Elementary, Kashmere, Gray Elementary, Oak Village Middle School, McGee Baptist Church, Greater Zion Church, Les Amies Girls Club, Yates H.S., HISD, Aldine School, North Forest School, Bible Way Fellowship Church, Sanderson Elementary, St. Rose Catholic School, Girl Scout Cadet Troupe 3214, Awty International, Memorial Lutheran, Ascension Episcopal, Annunciation Orthodox, New Faith Baptist, Liberty Revival Church, Enlighten Chapel Church

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    Featured in Lifestyles and       Entertainment article: 3/6/2008

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National Women of Achievement,    Inc. Recipient of the Diamond    Key Award as a "Positive Role    Model"

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Gospel Monthly Magazine
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"This Course is not about glamour," Miller explained. "It's about exposing the students to life, and it's about improving self-esteem, something adolescents really need. It's about being the best you can be. I use etiquette in the classroom. Manners are the foundation of education. You must have order if you want progress. Without order, you can't teach.

"It's about character and ethics. It's about being humble. You can have success and integrity and still be meek. We teach them that the path of cockiness and arrogance is often destructive."

"Where can you go without manners?" asked Miller. "Our society is lacking proper etiquette on all levels. If a person learns etiquette at an early age, it will help his or her throughout his or her life."

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