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   Introduction, getting to know each other. The importance of first impressions, how you should look and how you should feel. Personal appearance do's and dont's. Role playing - introducing yourself. A firm handshake and direct eye contact. How and when to entertain guests. Tips to assist in recalling the names of your guests.
   Diet and nutrition are discussed as well as personal grooming and health. The importance of good posture is displayed when seated and when walking.
   Role playing - How to be a good sport. Learning to accept the bad as well as enjoy the good - with a smile. This is demonstrated by interacting while playing games. Team work, fair play and sharing are practiced. Exercise class is introduced in this session.
   Conversation and speech - Avoiding an abrupt 'yes' or 'no' answer. Each student will hear their own voice, recorded and replayed for evaluation. We will discuss responding properly to a question, table conversation, speaking-up pleasantly and family dinner conversation.
   Telephone manners - How they make your home more enjoyable. We will discuss ways to be more helpful to those who make up our family. Students will be introduced to a formal table setting and learn everything from choosing a dinner wine to ordering a dessert. It begins with the napkin and ends with the napkin. Hosting will also be discussed along with decorating, invitations and thank you's.
   Girls and women - Modeling and charm. How to sit, stand, walk and gracefully enter and exit the room. Wardrobe and make-up will also be discussed.

   Boys and men - The importance of conducting oneself in a courteous manner and the importance of wearing the appropriate clothing for various occasions.
   Setting a table - Each student will demonstrate setting a table with fine china and silverware and explain the proper use of utensils.
   This is the crowning moment when the students have the opportunity to demonstrate the social graces they have mastered. We will all meet at a predetermined location for a formal tea.
While Ann Miller Etiquette does specialize in training children ages 5�10 years old, the range of students goes well beyond those ages. Ann Miller has trained multiple generations and professions including college students, teachers, doctors, and actors. There is no limit on the age that can be trained proper etiquette.

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