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   Ms. Miller taught one summer for Annunciation Summer Camp. She worked with children ages 3 to 12 years of age. She taught four different age groups and was able to manage each group. Her teaching was very innovative with marked concern for the individual child. Perhaps most impressive is her dedication to the students. Not only does she own the company; she works with the students to help them raise their level of etiquette, which will help all through life. The program was a success. One could not, however, assess Ms. Miller's work without mentioning the one factor that, while intangible, is the hallmark of her success in etiquette, her love and concern for other children. She was greeted successfully and affectionately throughout the summer, and I never saw a student reluctant to enter her room.
   I very much enjoyed observing Ms. Miller and the students. She was very enthusiastic and appeared to develop a rapport with the students. The students seemed to enjoy themselves and responded well to Ms. Miller's program.

   It was refreshing to observe a group of young students actively participating and learning basic social skills. Whether they realized it or not, they will carry these valuable lessons with them for the rest of their lives. Ms. Miller's class provided important life skills that will enable the students to succeed with confidence in everyday life.
   As Ms. Miller proceeded she mesmerized her little students, displaying an extraordinary sense of how children learn. As a consummate educator, Ms. Miller also demonstrated the ability of keeping the students attention through a series of subtle games and positive reinforcement.

   It was such a refreshing experience to witness this gifted teacher at work. Her passion for her subject, sensitivity to her students, and her ability as a communicator were indeed extraordinary. As I sat watching the class I thought to myself, "What a difference this one individual could make in the lives of boys and girls in Houston, in Texas and, ultimately, in schools across the country."
   For the past year, my two daughters have been enrolled in Ms. Miller's etiquette classes as an after school program at their school.

   The experience has been both educational and entertaining. My children enjoy playing games while becoming versed in manners. My children have learned how to properly shake hands when being introduced, as well as table manners for all occasions. The boys are taught chivalry, and the girls are taught to be ladylike. Although my children are ages 9 and 7 years, these lessons will see them through their life. I highly recommend this course.
   I am a parent of a first grade child enrolled at Memorial Lutheran School who is also currently enrolled in Ann Miller's Co-Etiquette Class. Ms. Miller's class does a wonderful job in re-enforcing the etiquette that my son is learning at home, as well as teaching him things I do not have time to do as a parent; such as, ballroom dancing and foreign protocol.

   I would recommend Ann Miller's etiquette class to an individual of any age. Ms. Ann Miller has a multitude of valuable information to enlighten upon all of us.
   My daughter is 8 years old, and her etiquette class is one of her favorite extra-curricular classes. Since she was little she enjoyed doing things perfectly right. Her etiquette class has built a lot of self confidence in her. She enjoys learning with other children, which is the proper way to greet a person, how to eat at the table, how to dance for a ballroom dance, etc.

   As a parent it is difficult to teach our children all these good manners because our children sometimes think they know better than we do. It has been so easy for my daughter to behave better since she is receiving her etiquette class. All I want is to help my daughter build her self confidence and this etiquette class has been a great success.

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