As a former student of Ms. Miller’s…

I know how passionate she is about her work and teaching. The song is a reflection on a lifetime of hard work and passion.

Connor Cain
A Nashville based musician who co-wrote the music and produced the recording of "Etiquette Can Fix It."

Ann was outstanding in…

meeting the needs of her students when she taught at Codwell Elementary School by following the goals and objectives of each grade level. Her classes were disciplined because she was able to control the students with love and understanding. I expected the best from my teachers, and Ann was one of the best.

Mary M. Addison, PhD.
Retired Administrator, H.I.S.D.

I met Ann during our…

membership with the Professional Group and was able to witness her volunteer contributions in action and to admire the way worked with clients in different situations. At Angela House, a halfway house for incarcerated women, she helped the women gain respect for themselves, increase their self-esteem, and learn about team building. At the KIPP Sharp College Prep School, she taught the eighth-grade girls’ class basic table manners and how to conduct themselves like young ladies. I feel that Ann’s spirit and love come from her heart and that she genuinely cares for her students and clients.

Pam Longley
Retired Vice President for Old Republic National Title

Ann Miller, who was already one of our…

preferred substitute teachers, became a godsend to us when she agreed to serve a long-term commitment to teaching our pre-K students while the regular teacher was on maternity leave. It is difficult to find someone to work with pre-K students because the job requires a lot of energy and dedication. Ann jumped right in and performed a phenomenal job from day one. She had the kids walking quietly in the hall, reading well, and being attentive in class. She worked well with our staff and the curriculum, and the children’s families loved her. She did an exemplary job for us.

Sean McClish
Principal, The School at St. George Place

Ann is a wonderful teacher…

and a good human, too. She taught the children good manners and how to communicate with each other. Our sons enjoyed learning from her.

Dr. Prakash Bommala and Soujanya Yaganti

I have been working with Ann…

for over five years, and our main focus has been her song ‘Etiquette.’ I co-wrote the music, and Ann wrote the lyrics. It’s a song about how important it is to have good manners and conduct oneself in a respectful way in order to achieve success… What is wonderful about Ann is that she lives that attitude every day of her life. She is kind, professional, hard-working, and raised two wonderful daughters. It’s been an honor to have been working with Ann over the last five years.

Jeff Franzel
Songwriter, Jazz Pianist, Composer and Educator